Volt Club Fashion Show

VOLT Club is a student-led volunteer club that strives to help the less-privileged community around us. We hold events and create projects to help the youth thus, making the world a better place. The theme for all our events this year was ‘Through Our Eyes’. This is because we’re trying to teach others to see the world through a different perspective – to see everything as an opportunity to help someone else.

In November, we had a photography exhibition as a product of our photography training session for Students in State schools. The objective of the exhibition was to empower students in these schools, with a new skill they can use in the future. The photographs were auctioned and a percentage of the money went to the student, while the rest of the money went to the development of their school.

This exhibition was very successful and it helped change the lives of many students in State schools. Now, we are having a fashion show with designs from students in our school and Maryanne College. In this Fashion show, all clothes will be auctioned and the money will go to buying resources for different state schools in Lagos.

We started this project with our modeling and design workshop where our guest mentors trained our students on how to strut on the runway. Weeks later, our students have become outstanding models and we, the VOLT members, have learned so much about what it takes to have a good fashion show!

We would like to thank everyone who has been involved with this incredible journey. It took a lot of work, but it was all worth it and we are so excited to see what’s next!

Kofoworola Jolaoso

VOLT Student President

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