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Good day creative parent,

My name is Jay Elone- Nwabuoku and I will be teaching your child Art & Design this session.

Albert Einstein said “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” This famous quote perfectly summarises what your child will be experiencing here in the CIS Art& Design department. Our intention is to provide your child with the opportunity to explore their creative capabilities. They will be exposed to different ways to come up with eye-catching art work that will inspire them and whoever has the privilege of seeing their work.

Our syllabus is from the National Curriculum for England which is known for its robust focus on exploration, experimentation, and the pursuit of artistic excellence. With this in mind, I am sure by now you are asking yourself what is expected of your child. The most important thing they will need to excel in art is an open mind. With this quality they will be able to grasp any concept taught and take it a step further. The next requirement is confidence in themselves and in their ability to create. Armed with these two essential qualities, days and weeks of outstanding creative fun await them.

It is important however, to emphasise that true creativity can only take place in an atmosphere of serenity. Thus, some simple rules and regulations must be strictly adhered to. They are as follows:

  • All assignments or artworks must be done by themselves without external assistance. Plagiarism of any sort will be frowned upon.
  • An artwork is essentially an extension of the artist’s persona. Therefore, when commenting or expressing their opinions about their work, I would encourage them to endeavour to be polite and objective.
  • We never laugh or make fun of any piece of artwork we see, and again I encourage them to always act with decorum towards others.
  • Remember that art is self-expression, as such we permit others to express themselves freely without fear of being intimidated.
  • When in the physical art room, we always respect people’s personal space to allow for creative flow.


The Art & Design department operates an “open door policy” so that you can always come to see us regarding any questions you may have about any aspect of your child’s artistic programme or you can come in to feast your eyes and get inspired by wonderful artwork.

In case you need any further clarifications please feel free to contact me at:


I expect to have a very creatively rewarding time with your child!


Warm regards

Jay Elone- Nwabuoku

Head of Art & Design Technology

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