Humanities at CIS Senior School integrates a wide range of themes covering diverse aspects of our world, society, culture and environment and compares how natural and human interactions overtly affect the past, present and future environments. The approach, methodologies, skills and values promoted through Humanities accelerate the student’s individual flexibility, ability to assimilate and access learning in a non-prescriptive format which our ever constantly changing education domain demands. Our aim therefore is to awaken in each student an awareness of their place in the world and a desire to become lifelong learners.


Our Focus

On a regular basis we take actions to increase the chances of near and far transfer of learning in our students by maximizing students’ initial learning experience, activating prior knowledge, as well as stimulating deliberate practice, self explanations, simulations and group learning. We encourage and develop active thinking and the clear expression of ideas through class discussions and an appreciation of the research process. Critical analysis of primary and secondary source material forms the foundation on which students express ideas based on their own thoughts and conclusions formed by research, synthesis, and analysis.

Subjects studied are shown in the matrix below:

Subjects Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Geography   ✓   ✓   ✓   ✓   ✓
History   ✓   ✓   ✓   ✓   ✓
Religious Education / Studies   ✓   ✓   ✓   ✓   ✓
Economics   ✓   ✓
Business Studies   ✓   ✓
Global Citizenship   ✓   ✓


We strive to consistently develop through these subjects knowledge and skills which will enable students to participate as ethical, active and informed citizens, in a democratic society within both the local and global community.

An overview of our curriculum is available through the Programme of Study found at the Students’ Intranet. Kindly access this with your child’s log-in details.



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