Welcome to Music Department

Our aim at CIS is to give children a broad and balanced musical education and to support and build their passion for learning and appreciation of music. We believe in developing every child’s individual musical skills. We celebrate children’s progress and achievements at assemblies, regular concerts, Christmas productions, end of year key stage productions and all major events in the school.

At CIS, every child is given the opportunity to explore musical instruments (during music lessons and clubs). Parents of children in Years Three and Four will need to provide Clarinets for their children’s lessons while parents of children in Years Five and Six will need to provide guitars for their children. In addition, Years Seven and Eight will have option of bringing either of these instruments to their music lesson. These instruments will be used in every lesson. The children in key stage one will also learn how to play the recorders.

All students in Senior school will receive one hour music lesson three times in a two weeks time-table block. All lessons are planned according to the programme of study based on the National curriculum framework . At CIS our  musical performances, group and individual are recorded and revisited for evaluation and to keep a track of the students on-going skills, this is done in our school recording studio.

In Junior school a CIS Music Programme for KS1 has been developed based on the National Curriculum with additional skills relevant to our local environment, including recorder playing, basic elements of notation, music and movement, learning about Nigerian traditional instruments and percussion instruments around the world.

Korede Omopeloye

Head of Department (Music)


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