The Leader In Me – TLIM

We are pleased to announce to you that CIS has recently signed up on ‘The Leader In Me’ (TLIM). TLIM is the education flagship of Franklin Covey, a global company founded on Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s work, and one of whose specialty is leadership development.

TLIM is a whole-school transformation process for primary and secondary school students as well as educators, to help achieve measurable results in 21st century leadership and personal life skills, all of which combine to make a good leader.

The programme sets out to empower students with the following skills;

  • Leadership
  • Responsibility
  • Accountability
  • Problem Solving
  • Adaptability
  • Communication
  • Initiative and Self direction
  • Creativity
  • Cross cultural skills
  • Team work

The effect of the programme also promises to cascade to parents/ guardians, families and society at large as the students begin to re-enact and model knowledge gained from the programme, thereby inspiring people around them.

The programme will be delivered in phases spread over four years in recognition that true and lasting change occurs over time. To address the various objectives highlighted, a practical training programme would be delivered with a view to teaching participants the desired behaviours and imparting the requisite knowledge for the development of the desired skills. The following learning tools will be adopted for the implementation:

  • Case-studies/Scenarios – Case studies would be used to illustrate and drive discussions relating to various situations.
  • Role plays – Role-plays to be acted out by the participants will assist to “bring alive” some of the concepts that would be covered during the programme.
  • Video illustrations – Video films will be shown to complement facilitation in portraying the concepts to be taught.
  • Individual and group exercises – Individual and group exercises will feature to promote introspection and group interaction/ bonding.

According to a survey of 260 schools implementing TLIM, 99% of their School Directors/ School Heads have reported the following outcomes;

  • Reduced discipline problems.
  • A common, positive language for staff, students and parents.
  • Improved student responsibility, accountability and leadership skills.
  • Enhanced school culture.
  • Increased academic performance.
  • Student/Teacher/Parent satisfaction.
  • International affiliation to/exchange programmes with other TLIM schools world-wide.
  • Extensive and expansive teacher resources from around the globe.

CIS is the 1st school in Nigeria, amongst the foremost 10 schools in Africa and 2,792nd school in the world to be inducted into TLIM.

Our students are about to embark on an exciting journey and we are positive that TLIM will help CIS achieve her lifelong mission of bringing up well-rounded individuals.


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