Volt Club Photography Exhibition

The Volt Club (Volunteer Club) is a student led club aimed at developing a sense of service amongst young people in the Nigerian community. We identify a need in their immediate community and plan towards making a difference.

We have had a series of events with great support from the school community some of which includes painting classrooms and making donations of toys, books and school bags to some Lagos State schools. We have spent days teaching in some state schools and some students from state schools have spent days learning in our school. We have also organised an event which was aimed at encouraging global citizenship.

This year, our task is to empower students in state schools with skills of photography and fashion designing. The idea is to create opportunities to develop entrepreneurial skills in the youths. Photography is fast becoming the backbone of the digital world. The old adage, a single picture can say a thousand words, has been said so many times but its importance has never waned. The students were tasked with capturing moments of happiness through their eyes. The exhibition showcases the work they have been able to produce in a limited amount of time using non – digital cameras and it aims to portray some basic photography skills as well as pass on the message to the viewer of what they see.

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