For the past three years, the School has been involved in Mathematics Olympiads which range from American Mathematics Competitions (AMC), The Living Maths Mathletics Olympiad, South African Maths Olympiad (SAMO) and United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT). These are annual events held at different dates during the year. We have participated mostly in the junior challenge category which involves Key Stage Three and our performance has been encouraging.

This year particularly we are participating in the South African Mathematics Olympiad and the UKMT Mathematics Challenge.

The principal aim of each Olympiads has always been the cultivation of problem solving skills amongst students. It seeks to discover and develop insight and ingenuity in our talented children.

The SAMO is divided into First round, second round and the third round. The first round consist of a 20 separate multiple choice question papers for grade 8 and 9. Students who scores 50% or more qualifies for the second round.  In the second round, grade 8 and 9 write the same paper which is a 20 subjective question for two hours.

The best 100 students of the previous round would then head for South Africa for the third round.

For the 2017 edition of SAMO, 30 of our students participated in the first round held at CIS. 15 students qualified for the second round and on 9th May, 2017, we headed for Greensprings School where we participated in the second round of the Olympiad.

We look forward to our students been invited for the grand finale to be staged in South Africa!

The UKMT Junior Challenge is aimed at pupils in Year 8 or below in England and Wales. The challenge involves answering 25 multiple choice questions in one hour and is sat in school under normal exam conditions. Pupils fill in the answer sheet in B or HB pencil and the Challenge is marked by UKMT using an optical mark reader. The highest scorers in the Junior Mathematics Challenge are invited to participate in the Junior Mathematics Olympiad (JMO).

The JMO consists of a two-hour paper of more in-depth mathematical problems to which there are two sections. Papers are set and marked by the UKMT.

30 of our students participated in this years’ UKMT Junior Challenge round one.

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