Key-Stage 2 Drama Production

On the 28th of June 2017, CIS main hall was filled to capacity for the Key Stage 2 production of Mulan – A musical action comedy-drama production.

The young thespians captivated the audience with an awesome performance… what a production! On a lighter note… one can bet that if commercialized, the production will sell as much as Walt Disney’s in 1988.

Without a doubt, parents who were present will cherish the memories of the show for a long time, considering the number of cameras and other mobile devices that were seen capturing moments through photographs and videos.

The artistic flair displayed by each of the cast was unprecedented. It is much more amazing to know that such professionalism was exhibited by students aged between 10 and 11 years… Speak of the benefits of a true international learning institution… CIS students are indeed enjoying a well-rounded learning. There is no other school with a richer curriculum.

The props and set design transformed the hall into an impressive drama theatre.

Huge congratulations to the cast! (our celebrated thespians) and the crew! (our ever supportive staff who carefully took the students through the rehearsals).

Pictures are displayed below.

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