Swimming Gala 2017

Like every other CIS event, the Swimming Gala is an annual event which takes place in term 2

of the school year. It usually kicks off with the students competing with each other beginning

with the Foundation Stage. The competition progresses on to the different Key-Stages and

finally to the different school houses.

This year, the event took a new dimension as the competition became stiffer and more exciting

than ever, given that our champions who had just returned from the COBIS Games were still

brewing with steam from the competition. The event could have easily passed for a mini


The students displayed strong swimming skills to the admiration of parents and guests and it

was fascinating to watch them take a dip via the different styles required of them. The

swimmers enjoyed themselves while they entertained everyone present as they stroked back

and forth in the pool.

Big kudos to the PE department for a pleasant outing.

Below are pictures and videos from the event.

Enjoy it!

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