Diversity Day

…A True Diverse Community

The CIS community can be best described as the education hub of students from varying
nationalities living in Nigeria, given the number of countries and cultures represented at the
school besides the Nigerian student population. This is further confirmed in the bond between
members of the community where every individual is accepted and respected equally.
It was Diversity Day at CIS on the 19 th of May 2017 and the school played host to a teeming
population of parents from Nigeria, England, the USA, Canada, South Africa, Ghana, Morocco,
Albania, Uganda, France, Sweden, Congo, Australia, Austria, Ivory Coast, Botswana, Zimbabwe,
Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Venezuela, Lebanon, Cyprus, Pakistan,
Nepal, India, Malaysia, Greece, Yemen, China and Portugal.

The campus was agog with activities ranging from the eclectic dance presentations of various
cultures to sundry food displays; from the national anthem recitation of different nationalities to
lifestyle presentations reflecting divergent cultures and; from the dance presentation of the
Atilogwu cultural troupe of Nigeria to that of the Zulu cultural troupe of South Africa. All of
these presentations gave the celebration a true international emphasis and the excitement
around the campus was quite electrifying.
The fun cannot be fully described. It can only be best viewed and we would like to let you in on
it. We have compiled pictures and videos of the occasion for your viewing. Please see the
collage below.

Happy viewing!

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