Volt Club

VOLT Club is an extra-curricular club in CIS. We try to help make a difference in the lives of the more vulnerable members of our community.
This is why CIS VOLT Club is organising an exhibition on the 5th November, 2015 to showcase the exhibits from the photography training programme which we organised for students from 10 different schools in Eti-Osa Local Government.

What happened in the training?
During this programme 23 cameras were given to the participating students (1 per student); they learnt:

  • What photography was
  • How to use a camera
  • The factors that contribute to taking a good picture
  • And were shown various examples from professional photographers

They were then left to take pictures with the theme “Through Our Eyes”.
We would like for you to show your support by attending the event. By seeing what these students have produced you are encouraging them and showing that we care.
Additionally copies of the photographs will be for sale and a percentage of the funds raised from the sale will go to the student while the rest goes to the development of their schools.
It would be wonderful if you could share this glorious moment with them.

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