COBIS Games 2018 Announcement

Dear Parents,​​
There is a new development regarding the COBIS Games 2018 and this according to the organizers is decided based on various consultations with Games delivery partners, Sheffield City Council, a number of COBIS member schools worldwide and with the full COBIS Board. 
With the financial details confirmed, a number of Primary schools have indicated that the affordability of the 2018 COBIS Primary Games is no longer viable. It is with regret that COBIS has taken the decision not to deliver a 2018 COBIS Primary Games (Year 5 and 6).
Based on a similar model to the 2017 COBIS Secondary Games (hosted by Sheffield City Council), COBIS plans to deliver a 2018 COBIS Secondary Games, again with its delivery partners in Sheffield. The dates will be 18 to 20 May 2018.  Please note: These are the same dates as previously announced for the 2018 Primary Games. This is subject to sufficient numbers (a minimum of 26) of COBIS Secondary schools registering and confirming their participation complete with financial commitment.
While we await what the long term decision will be for the COBIS Primary Games, there is the need for us at the PE Department to conduct trials for the potential athletes towards the COBIS Secondary Games 2018.
The trials for all the eligible athletes (Year 7 and Year 8) will be on Saturday 14th October, 2017 while the training will commence fully on Monday 30th October, 2017.
Head Coach Payne
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