The P.E department organized its annual Sport Retreat 2017 at La Campagne
Tropicana resort from 29th September – 1st October 2017. Athletes from
both the Junior and Senior school were on the trip. The theme for the
retreat was ‘Leadership and Team work’.

Students were organized into 6 watches where they competed as a team in
various rigorous activities on the beach sand. The activities were centred
on team work, coordination, agility, muscular endurance, speed,
cardiovascular endurance and mental strength. The various watches also had
Coaches assigned to them as instructors during the competitions. The
obstacle courses which were also part of the activities on the 3 day
programme also reiterated team work among the watches.
Students were also given the opportunity to evaluate themselves, how they
fared as a team and what they are taking back to school from the retreat
and leadership training.
It was a wonderful experience for everyone and we can’t wait for a more
challenging experience come next Year.

Coach Payne

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