Volt Club putting a smile on a soldier’s Face

School children boost Soldiers morale in Lagos

The highpoint of my day yesterday was getting to visit the 81 Division of the Nigerian Army, where The Volt Club of Children’s International School (for which I am an ambassador), assisted by Pedrisi School, delivered 3000 ziplock bags for Soldiers at various Battlefronts in Nigeria. The bags contain basic things that a soldier at the battlefront might not have access to. Things like tissue, toothpaste, soap, chewing gum, recharge cards, sanitary pads for female soldiers and a handwritten ‘Thank you’ note from a student. We hope these things, as small as they are, help to let our soldiers know that they are appreciated by those of us who enjoy the safety they provide. Thanks to the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General TY Buratai for approving the endeavor, The G.O.C Maj. Gen. JP Dauke for receiving us, the Students of C.I.S, for initiating this and the Students of Pedrisi school for choosing to assist with this. The greatest thanks however, go to the Soldiers at the various battle fronts of our great nation. Your service is deeply appreciated and will NEVER be forgotten. When next you see a soldier or any other member of the armed forces, thank them for their service.

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