CIS Numeracy and Literacy Week

Dear CIS Family,

Last week was a very interesting one with a lot of insightful gains from the Numeracy and Literacy Week events. This is one of the most important programmes of the school considering the impact of both numeracy and literacy on other areas of academic learning. It is an annual programme that the students and entire members of the school community look forward to given that it provides an opportunity for students to display their numerical reasoning and literary skills. The students also anticipate the week considering the amount of knowledge that they always elicit from workshops with subject matter experts who visit the school at this time.

Below are updates on the different programmes.

Numeracy Week 2018

Numeracy Week 2018 themed ‘Myths About Numbers’ began with activities such as the Inter-house Math Challenge; Skittles Estimate, Pi Recitation; Pie the Teacher and a Pie Eating competition. It was thrilling to see the students explore different areas of numeracy confidently expressing themselves.

The Inter-house Math Challenge is the highpoint of the Numeracy programme. At the competition, the four houses of CIS namely; Willow, Acacia, Jacaranda and Sycamore were represented. It was thrilling, exciting and tense as the students made serious effort to answer questions put to them within the 30 seconds stipulated time and, with the timer ringing through their ears as the contestants exhibited great mental alertness to solve the Math problems.

Questions that each contestant was unable to answer was put forward to the audience. They were fully engaged as they tried to get answers to the problems.

At the end of the Year 7 round, Tobechukwu Chukwudebelu representing Willow House emerged the winner With 6 points.  Acacia and Willow shared the spoils with 4 points apart concluding the Year 8 round.  The Year 9 competitors found the questions really challenging as Willow and Jacaranda came on top with 2 points each.  For Year 10, it was Toluwalase Haastrup who laughed last as he came tops in the colours of Willow with 2 points.

After the results were cumulated, Willow House emerged the winner of the 2018 Inter House Math Challenge. At the end of the event, participants were able to build their self-confidence and test their logical and analytical skill within the confines of speed and accuracy.

The Skittles Estimate contest started with high anticipation. This is a competition whereby students are presented with different jar sizes filled with skittles for an accurate or nearly accurate guess of the number of skittles in a jar. The student whose guess is the most accurate wins the contest. In order to get the estimated amount of skittles in each jar, most of the students had to transfer the knowledge and skills acquired in class to real life situation.

On that day, some of the Senior School students brought rulers which helped in measuring diameters of each of the skittles jar, then they applied area or volume of a cylindrical jar. Weighing devices were also used by some while others took their time to count both rows and columns of skittles in the jars then they did the multiplication. All of these were achieved within a short space of time that the students had to guess the amount of skittles in every jar. Ameerah Saliu won the Senior School competition and it was a tie between Ademide Adegite, Roseanne Oladapo, Ayanna Mabutho and Morenikeji Ajayi at the Junior School competition.

The Pie Eating Competition was really a fun way of creating awareness and celebrating the number Pi. Interested students were presented with plates of circle doughnut, pizza and pie and were made to compete with each other. The student to finish the food first was declared the winner. This made the activity a multi-level one as students had to quickly decide which of the food item to eat first so as to have room to eat the next one. It was a really fun way for students to realize that the number pi is all around us so long as they are in circle shapes. The winners are: Joachim Uyanneh for Upper Key Stage 2; Olaoluwakitan Ajayi for Lower Key Stage 2 and Michael Etukudo for the Senior School.

Pi recitation challenge reminded us that the digits of Pi is unlimited. It continues endlessly. In fact, many mathematicians have been making effort to calculate all the numbers of Pi. Currently the numbers of pi have been calculated to 2.7 trillion digits.

In our own way at CIS, students recited the digits of Pi. It was intense among the students as prior to the competition, everyone was trying to master the pi digits so as to represent their individual classes at the competition. Each class did a preliminary round and the best student selected to compete in the grand finale. At the grand finale on Tuesday morning, the audience were in awe as students were reciting the digits of pi to 40, 50, 68, digits. This activity was intended to build their mental retention capability. The winner was Claribelle Cheng in Year 7 who recited Pi to its 100th digits.

Moments of the event were captured in photos. Please find them below.

Literacy Week 2018

The Literacy programme themed ‘Myths Around The World’ held from the 7th of March to the 9th of March 2018 and we are pleased to inform you that the event was also a huge success.

We had an array of interactive and engaging activities with our guest authors Professor Wole Soyinka, Africa’s first Nobel Prize winner and literary icon; Alan Durant, a British Author of books for a wide age range; and Jenim Dibie, a Nigerian Poet and Author. The Authors explored the dynamic nature of literacy and the value of literary expression through workshops, a talk show with Professor Soyinka which was the highpoint of the programme and, one on one interaction with the students.

Prior to the Literacy Week, different Year Groups were allotted various regions of the globe in order to adapt their stories from ancient times and mythical characters alike in alignment with the theme. Indeed, the build-up of activities towards the Literacy programme and activities within the three day programme echoed the theme. Students of the different year groups explored the early history of their focus region through; writing of stories and poems and through pictorial stories such as paintings and sketches of mythical characters that feature in the history of the different ancient societies. Some of the regions focused on are; Sub-Saharan Africa, Rome, Greece, Middle East, Pacific Islands, etc.

The annual Anthology, which is a published collection of short stories and poems written by CIS students from age 5 – 15 years, also reflected the background of the different regions.

There was also, the Door Design Competition. This was another interesting feature of the Literacy programme, having different classroom doors designed with mythical characters of stories from their apportioned regions. Reception B door won this competition.

Next up was a Costume Parade which held on Friday. It was the highpoint of the round off of the Literacy programme as the CIS Campus became colourful with the myriad of costumes depicting mythical characters from the different regions of focus. We have no doubt that the students and parents present had a beautiful start to their day with the parade. The winners are as follows:

Preschool —– Janelle Adams
Nursery Joshua Ovia Oluwatofarati Akinpelu
Reception Corbin Oguneye Fejiro Ivhurie
Year 1 Nabil Oseni Micah Osakioduwa
Year 2 Abdul Hussein Chiemerie Nnochiri
Year 3 Olaoluwakitan Ajayi Kenim Ebie
Year 4 Osahar Osakioduwa

Farid Oseni

Year 5 Reuben Oshogwe Morenikeji Ajayi
Year6 Sam Terblanche Anjolaoluwa Bolodeoku
Year 7 ———- Soni Khanak
Year 8 ———- Nnedinma Nnebocha
Year 9 Andre Omorode Mariah Anenih
Year 10 Anozia Jordan ———–
Year 11 Samuel Isa ———–
Best Teacher Tolu Okieimen

Please find pictures of the programme below. The programme also featured on Channels TV Book Club and can be viewed through the following link:


We would also like you to note that a second phase of the Literacy Week will be taking place in the third term. Please look out for details in the coming weeks.

It was indeed a successful week and we congratulate members of the Numeracy and Literacy Week for putting together such fantastic events.

Thank you for your consistent support.

Photos from the Numeracy Programme

Photos from the Literacy Programme

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