CIS at RoboRave International Competition

Dear CIS Family,

We are delighted to bring you updates of how the CIS Robotics team is fairing at the RoboRave event currently holding in Texas, USA. RoboRave is an international organisation founded in the USA. The organisation offers Robotics education programmes to equip students and teachers with the skills to design, build, programme and test robots to perform a variety of tasks. Please check the following link for more information about RoboRave International: https://www.roborave.org/ The Nigerian chapter is known as RoboRave Nigeria which works in partnership with the US Consulate in Nigeria to offer the RoboRave Programme to schools. Last year, CIS students emerged tops at preliminary competitions that held in Nigeria and due to their fantastic performance, CIS was selected to represent Nigeria at the international competition which is currently happening.

There is more… CIS has also been awarded the Lagos flagship school of RoboRave. This is another milestone attained by the collective efforts of the students, staff and parents for which we congratulate every member of the school community.

The students are enjoying a very rich learning experience at the RoboRave event and we would like to bring you updates of their expeditions and trainings so far. Please see photos and videos on our social media platforms by clicking on the following link:


The students’ recount of their experiences is such an interesting read. For the students’ articles and more pictures, please visit the school website: www.cislagos.org

We wish the CIS Robotics team all the best in the competition.

Please expect more updates in the days to come.



My trip to the RoboRave International Competition

I was so excited when I heard we were traveling to America but we were actually traveling to a city in it called Houston and I’m also traveling with my sister and mum even though I was born there I really didn’t get much memories from when I was a baby. The flight was so long it was 6hrs and that was just the first one then we waited for 3hrs then got a little snack then boarded the plane. The second one was 4hrs longer than the first one.

So I’m now skipping don’t worry it’s not so important, we went to a university of robotics, there were planes, drones and more than you can imagine. Then we went to a Museum too and it was Science there with lots of gems and priceless artefacts from the past on full display.

We had plenty of tours, then the best thing I did was I met an actual astronaut but she didn’t really tell us her name so I can’t really tell you. Then after that, we ate, then travelled to New Mexico which was 2hrs and it was late, then we arrived at our hotel called Double Tree and by the way, in Houston we stayed at a hotel called Sheraton. But back to the story, after the flight, we got our luggage. We then went to the hotel then, instead of sleeping I started watching some videos then did my homework. Some of the amazing things I’ve been doing is going to an Alien Museum because there is a flying saucer which what it was made of could not be penetrated or burned. Then we went to a different museum about culture in New Mexico but it was only one which was native and it was Indian then we went climbing up a mountain that people still live and their houses aren’t as modern as now but the funny thing is that they have cars but no electricity and most of them don’t live there anymore. They were up to 5000-6000 but now there are 15-16 people that live there and the reason why they’re so little is that the rest of them live with everybody else in the city which is about 20 miles away from the mountain and every other place is so far away like the hospital and shops are something like 14-20 miles away from the mountain. When we finished we went down the mountain and by the way, everything we do we always have a tour guide. We later went on a tram which is like a train but smaller with no wheels been moved by ropes which we used to go up a mountain, and my mom is afraid of heights so she was scared especially when it rocked then we got off it then waited for it to take us back down it even looked like she was more scared. Then the rest of the people of RoboRave were stuck. While they were stuck, I got some sweets and for the other people that were with us. Then the people that were stuck started moving then when everybody was together we went to a Chinese and Mongolian restaurant to eat and I ate shrimps, Chinese rice, chicken, some sushi and ice cream and dessert then we went back to the hotel and that is it.

People that helped me and my friends: Farid, Tiseyi, Layo (my sister), Tomi (my mum), Maxwell, Mr Odeleye and Mr Bimbo.


Robotics Trip

Tuesday: We landed in Houston early in the morning, the trip was tiring but we made it safely. From the airport we arrived at the Sheraton hotel where we were assigned to our rooms and roommates. my partners were Folu and Nathaneal and we slept off.

Wednesday: The first day, we went to the Texas A & M University where they make planes and test vehicles it was basically a university for engineers.

Thursday: Today we went to the museum and we saw natural minerals and new species of snails, before the tour we watched a 22-minute movie which talked about solar energy and making the world a better place.

Friday: We went to NASA Space Center to see what they do and where the first mission control place was created.

Saturday: The second day of NASA was for lunch with a real life astronaut presentation. We later left for the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate Tien’s birthday and from there we went on to the airport to catch our flight to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Monday: We arrived at New Mexico and we had a full day learning experience at Roswell, New Mexico, at the International UFO Museum and Research Center.

Tuesday: We went to a museum and in there we saw Red Indian artefacts and how they lived, how they ate what they did and their traditions. After that we went to Mountain Sandia which means watermelon. The mountain is 10,800 feet tall and we used a tram to get to the top.



RoboRave Robotics International Report

Day 1: We arrived at Houston Texas at 2pm. After we arrived we went on a tour of Houston. Later on we went to have a buffet dinner at Golden Coral.

Day 2: We were taken to the University of Texas where we were given a tour of the campus. We entered various buildings and visited the computer science and Engineering building. We saw planes designed by various students. Later on, we were taught a little about a 3-D printer and how and what it can and cannot produce.

Day 3: We went to the Art museum were we saw beautiful gems and some of them were surprisingly from Nigeria. After admiring these gems, we went to watch a movie in 3-D.

Day 4: On this day we went to visit the famous NASA Space Centre where we were taught about the history of NASA and ongoing projects. We also visited Apollo 11’s mission control room. We were given a tour of the space centre and learnt a little about the space ships.

Day 6: On this day, we travelled to the desert which is at the west on New Mexico. We went to a historic landmark where the famous Billy the kid was held. We were also told tales about him. Then we went to a UFO museum were we saw “proof of existence of aliens”.

Day 7: On this day, we visited The University of New Mexico where we were given a little history of the museum.

Day 8: We visited an Indian museum and we learnt about their beliefs. Then later on, we went to eat in a casino. Then we went on a tramp which took us over a mountain back.



The RoboRave Competition

Ever since I started robotics, I got a passion for it. I was so happy when I heard I was going for this competition. I’m glad that I took this great opportunity. The first flight was from Lagos to London which was 6 hours long. The second flight was from London to Houston, Texas.

May 1st

When we got to Houston with my mom and my brother, we went to a hotel called Sheraton. Immediately after, we went to get dinner. I was amazed when I got to America for I had never been to the USA before. I saw some foods I had never seen before. I got rice and corn. The most delicious part was when I got ICE CREAM!

May 2nd

When I first woke up, I wandered what we were going to do that day. We went to a University and we got to see the classes. We also learnt about their traditions. It used to be a military school but it changed. It was very fun because we got to take pictures by the water fountains. I finally got to see a squirrel and we named him twitches. We got to see the students’ projects and so many complicated machines. When we got to the hotel, we were all so exhausted so we went to sleep immediately.

May 3rd

We went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. It was so awesome because we got to see various types of precious diamonds and stones. I also saw some tiaras and jewelleries that I and my new friends, Tiseyi and Fope loved so much! We nearly lost track of time. There was also an aquarium with two clown fish. I gathered a lot of information from there. We watched a movie and I slept off. By the time I woke up, the movie was over! I couldn’t believe my eyes. At least I watched part of it. I learnt a lot about how oil is formed.

May 4th

First day at NASA! It was actually Edwin’s birthday so we celebrated him. It was a lot of fun. We went on a tramway and we got to see the first spacecraft to go into space. We got to see the Apollo. The space crafts were enormous. When we got back from NASA, we practised for the competition. We were able to complete the track. We did it in 5 seconds. I was so excited because last time, the team that won did it in 3 seconds. For dinner, we had PIZZA!

May 5th

Another day at NASA! This time, we had lunch with an ASTRAUNAUT! We played some games and I won most of them. The flight from Houston to Albuquerque, New Mexico was 2 hours long. The name of the hotel was called Double Tree by Hilton. We all went straight to bed.

May 6th

This time, we went into the hot, scorching desert. Today was Tele’s birthday. We learnt about an interesting legend called Billy the Kid. He was an outlaw but like a Robin Hood to his town. It was very interesting. The trip was so long. We also went for a nature walk which was fun too. We left the desert around 5:00 pm and we didn’t get to the hotel until 10:00 pm. I was exhausted!


May 7th

Today was Maxwell’s birthday. We went to the University of New Mexico (UNM). It was so much fun. There were ducks and snapping turtles at the pond. One of the students from Burkina Faso showed us his drone that he built by himself. I learned a lot. When we got back, we practised the amazing track. I played with my brother, Onaolu, Tiseyi, Fope, Farid, Nabil, Maxwell and Rayray. We took pictures with Maxwell for his birthday. He was turning 10! We had pizza, ice cream and cake!

May 8th

Today, we went to a museum about Native Americans. We explored their culture, history and background. We also looked at some of their dances and stories. We went back into the desert again. We went to the Maesa. There, we learnt about an ancient civilization which still exists today. They don’t have any electricity and we saw them selling hand-made pottery and jewellery. Next, we went to the Sandia Mountains. ‘Sandia’ means Watermelon in Spanish. We went, in a tram, all the way to the top of the mountains then back. It wasn’t scary at all but some people were frightened! After that, we went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. It was so good! I stuffed myself. When we got to the hotel, I slept off waiting for my next adventure!

Sandia Mountains


Learning aerospace engineering and robotics at the A & M University, Houston, Texas.

A visit to Houston’s Museum of Natural Science


A visit to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Centre, USA.

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