“The King and I”

Dear CIS Family,

We are pleased to bring you updates of the Senior School production which held last weekend and, we would like to begin by congratulating the cast for displaying such theatrical skills on stage. It gives us great pleasure to see that our students are performing excellently in every area of learning; a satisfactory proof that the high performance learning culture at CIS is as effective as it can be.

The production indeed had all the concepts of a musical theatre; from the accent of Ms. Anna the British school teacher, to that of King Mongkut of Siam and his citizens including his numerous wives and children. The cast delivered their lines with utmost expertise to the amazement of the audience.

‘The King and I’ is yet another successfully delivered production which was an interesting fusion of drama and music. The production was based on the experience of a British school teacher, hired as part of the King of Siam’s strategy to modernize his country. It was a fantastic adaptation of Margaret Landon’s novel, Anna and the King of Siam published in 1944, which originated from the memoirs of Anna Leonowens who was governess to the children of King Mongkut of Siam in the early 1860s.

Laughter and rounds of applause followed every scene that ended and this was a good indication that the audience were thoroughly entertained.

We are proud of the students’ great effort and they deserve to be referred to as thespians because the act they put on that stage was nothing short of epic. It was nice watching them perform live. Please click on the following link to watch the video https://vimeo.com/270030530 Please also find photos after the write up.

The students have done really well multi-tasking as they joggled their lessons and rehearsals to participate in the production. Kudos to all of them. Thank you to the English & Drama team for their guidance through this. We also thank the Music department for ensuring that the musical bit of the production was melodious.

We thank our dear parents and staff for their continuous support.

NB: Siam is modern day Thailand.


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