CIS Alumni Inaugural Dinner

We bring you good news yet again of our growth as one big community. The CIS family has extended with the launch of the CIS Alumni Association. To set the ball rolling, a dinner was organized for former students of this great school last December to which we had an amazing turn out. The excitement of seeing each other again especially at such an event, aimed at re-uniting them to their alma mater was priceless. It was heart-warming to see how happily they chit-chatted and dined. 

One of the high points of the evening was the ease at which the ladies and gentlemen took up offices that made up the CIS Alumni executives. It was surely a great start and we trust that the progress will continue.

The responses of the young men and women upon inviting them to the dinner was inspiring. They expressed excitement at the prospect of touching base with their alma mater, to encourage the current students through experience sharing sessions, visitations and camaraderie for starters. This undoubtedly will go a long way to impact on the standards of learning which is our big picture as a school.

This is a welcome development and so, it is a great delight that we have arrived at this point as a school.

Wishing our GREAT CIS a continuous steady growth.

Have a fantastic 2019!

Enjoy the following sights and sounds…

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