Keystage 2 Annual Production – Alice and Alex in Wonderland.

Keystage 2 thespians left no stone unturned in their display of literary proficiency at their 2019 production. The show was a sheer classic. The production was all the more interesting given its adaptation from Alice in Wonderland. Our youngsters did an excellent job interpreting every line to give the story an interesting twist with the newly introduced Alex character. Laughter of delight filled the school main hall which served as the theatre for this purpose intermittently. Parents and other members of the audience were indeed greatly thrilled.

The original story, Alice in Wonderland is one of the ‘best known and most popular works of English-language fiction’ and as such, has been read throughout several decades; hence, the audience found it awesomely delightful watching the stage play adaptation so uniquely produced.

Find photos below for your viewing pleasure.

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