CIS STEAM Week 2020.

The 2020 CIS STEAM Week was everything Science, Technology, English, Art and Math (STEAM). Our students did an excellent job throwing more light on the unique network of the aforementioned disciplines. Their activities all through the week had our campus buzzing with; brilliant scientific and technological inventions which were artistically built with recycled materials, poetry slam game undertaken with incredible literacy prowess, mental math challenge where the students demonstrated amazing computation skills, as well as a fantastic fusion of art and music.

You may be wondering why STEAM, as what is most common is STEM. STEAM for us is an adaptation from STEM. It is an interdisciplinary strategy adopted to enable our students to appreciate the correlation between Science, Technology, English, Art and Math. We believe that this adaptation facilitates a better stimulation of young people’s mental power; hence, our aim is to ride on its effectiveness to:

  1. raise more critical thinkers,
  2. raise more innovative individuals,
  3. raise more literate individuals and to
  4. raise world problem solvers.

Amongst the mind blowing displays were; rocket launch, windmill technology demos, automobile technology demos, the human anatomy analogy, robotic technology, amazing artistic expressions which include art of illusionism. The art of illusionism challenge which held outdoors drew enormous attention given its peculiarity. It was a challenge that entailed the process of creating works of art through music inspiration.

It was indeed a deep learning experience for the entire school community. The experience equally cut across as no arm of the school was left out. It was awesome to watch our precious little ones in Foundation Stage have a go at Mental Math Challenge. Their Science Fair was fun to observe too.

The week was rounded off with World Book Day activities. Junior School marked this day in a unique way with a door design competition. Students were required to design their classroom door based on a book they had read and analysed as a class. Judging the doors turned out a difficult task given the ingenious work each class put into their door design. Every door was creatively designed so much as to summarise the entire story of a book whilst highlighting notable characters in the story. What is more? The students brilliantly fused STEAM connotations into the designs, and they were able to analyse it all with emphasis on the STEAM elements during their presentations to the judges. Our students continue to distinguish themselves in all aspects of learning and to say that we are proud of them is to say the least. We look forward to more exciting STEAM Weeks in the coming years.



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