The CIS Sports Day is usually a day of excitement. This year’s event was nothing short of it. As a matter of fact, the atmosphere was more gleeful than ever. The event was declared open by the Principal, Dr. Adam England with an inspiring speech that ignited house members with the required dose of motivation to bring on their A-game.

Two days were set aside for the event and on both days, the CIS sports arena lit up with a beautiful colour contrast from sportswears representing our four houses – Jacaranda, Sycamore, Acacia and Willow.  

The energetic and artistic displays during the match past events set the tone for the rest of the event. The other events included, sprints, egg and spoon race, sac race, long jump, bucket race and many others.  Parents and staff in the audience cheered on the young athletes with so much energy and enthusiasm as the athletes put their best foot forward. Parents and staff were not left out as we saw them race with the swiftest sprints ever in their respective races.

At the end of the event, winners emerged. However, it was delightful to see the students display sportsmanship as they all congratulated each other for everyone’s effort.

It gives us great pleasure to watch our students develop their sporting abilities along with the right attitude.

Below is the result table of the event.

Senior School March Past:

Junior School March Past:

1st Place – Sycamore

1st Place – Acacia

2nd Place – Willow

2nd Place – Sycamore

3rd Place – Jacaranda

3rd Place –  Jacaranda

4th Place – Acacia

4th Place – Willow

Senior School Athletics:

Junior School Athletics:

1st Place – Sycamore

1st Place – Acacia

2nd Place – Acacia

2nd Place – Sycamore

3rd Place (tie) – Willow & Jacaranda

3rd Place – Jacaranda

4th Place – Willow

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