Senior School

Everyone associated with the Senior School at CIS is committed to providing a stimulating and relevant curriculum within a caring, supportive and happy environment. We strive to instil in our young people a passion for life-long learning and the desire to pursue high ambitions and expectations.

As a school community, we are aware that we live in a rapidly changing world and are determined that we will prepare our students for the challenges they will face. In order to achieve this, we provide a learning programme which fully develops each individual’s talent and interests so that they will all realise their potential.

The development of young people is not just about academic success in the classroom, but we equally strive to further mutual respect for all people, irrespective of ability, race, and gender, cultural or religious differences. Underpinning this is a secure guidance programme coupled with individual mentoring.

We are committed to celebrating success in all aspects of our students’ lives. We recognise the worth of each individual by valuing the personal qualities they demonstrate in their learning, living and working. We recognise the experiences of young people by valuing the talents and skills they bring into their schooling experiences, and we commit to ensure that schooling enhances these talents and skills.

We embrace diversity in ethnicity, religion, nationality and race and promote integrity by valuing openness, trust, negotiation, fairness, honesty and respect for all people. We foster ambition and independent spirit by valuing each individual’s abilities, aspirations and desire to explore and create. We acknowledge the role of networks by exploring the ways in which people can work and collaborate and we acknowledge the place of school in the community, including the broader global community, by valuing the essential nature of the relationship between schools and the social and economic environment in which they operate.