Extra Curricular

Dear All,


Please be aware of the following procedures for Teacher led clubs sign up on Monday 16th April 2018.


Please note that the sign up will be in the FORM ROOM, please ensure you are present with your paper and pen to sign up students who are interested in joining the club you are facilitating.


  1. The named person for sign up/payment point is in School on or before 7.00am on Monday 16th April 2017, so that everything runs as smoothly as possible before lesson starts. Please ensure you ask a colleague to sign up on your behalf in case you are running late.
  2. A Student should submit the exact fees please do not sign up without payment.The only sets of students allowed to sign up without payment are the boarding students. Mr Ebere will be available at the secondary block with the POS terminals for those that might want to use the POS.
  1. Please ensure that numbers in clubs do not exceed what has been permitted on the overview (20 students per club)  a form will be given to you on Friday to make the sign up easier.
  2. After the sign up teachers should please collate their registration list/money, hand the money to Mr Michael in the school office.
  3. Please type your club list and send a soft copy to Michael, all typed list will be displayed during the week so parents can view.

Thank you as always