Key Stage Three (Ages 12-14) Accelerated Learning Pathway


This Two-year pathway will give the full opportunity for pupils to achieve the knowledge, skills and understanding of the English national curriculum subjects which include:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Computer studies
  • Geography, History, Religious studies
  • Art, Music, D&T
  • French and Spanish
  • PE

Plus, a specially designed hands on course based in Life Skills containing a broad and varied combination of short units to improve specific and generalised skills covering a range of subject areas. It is highly practical and involves units such as cooking, shopping skills, using public transport, health and hygiene, money skills, road safety, gardening, health and safety, as well as many others. The course is assessed through practical and assignment based tasks, pupils taking this course have the opportunity to achieve a D (3) – G (1) grade certificate at Level One.

Some students would be offered the Excelsis Award.