Boarding Newsletter 3 Term 2 2016/2017 Session

From the Head of Boarding.

Dear Parents,

We have come to the end of Term 2. On behalf of the boarding team, I would like to sincerely thank you for your unwavering assistance and support during this Term.

The recent donations from Parents towards our Orphanage Visit was a classic example of this. By the way, we are hoping that this visit will become a regular activity, at least once a Term for our Boarders, as we hope to be reach out to help at the Orphanage in many different ways.

As we look forward to the Summer Term, I invite you to enjoy the reflective pictorial overview of this last newsletter of the Spring Term.

Please remember that all Boarders are expected to resume in the Boarding hostel on Monday 17th April, 2017 before 7pm.

Have a great Easter.

Kind regards and best wishes as always,

Mrs Akinleye.

Head of Boarding,
CIS, Lagos.

Motivational speaking time – Study skill.

During the first class of our motivational talks, our amazing Head of Boarding, Mrs Akinleye, was ever so kind to lead us through the topic of study skills. In this class she gave us ten keys to help with our study skills. She taught us the importance of writing things down, setting targets, remembering, and effective communication techniques especially with teachers­­­­­.

Mrs Akinleye also guided us about organising with colour, establishing a study zone, best preparation methods, knowing our dominant style of learning, the importance of taking notes and most crucially how to terminate procrastination. Our keyword for that class was procrastination and it means to delay.

I was so happy at the end of that class because of the fact that I had acquired so much in so little time. I do not regret one second of that class and we are so grateful to our Head of Boarding for her time to teach us these important skills.

Thank you.
Francine Ejoh-Onyemen.


On Saturday the 25th of February 2017, all the boarding students assembled to hear magnificent words of wisdom. This person that gave us the inspirational talk was none other than our Head of Boarding, Mrs. Akinleye. By 4:00pm, we gathered on the lawn and Mrs. Akinleye explained to us what we need to do to succeed in our studies and excel in the future.

Mrs. Akinleye gave us a study guide and explained that for us to pass our exams and be outstanding, you need to first:

  • Write down all assignments given to you in a diary, planner etc.
  • Set a target for yourself or goal.
  • Communicate with your teachers.
  • Organize with color (which means that you should use a highlighter to identify the key point in your note/planner).
  • Establish a study area where you are be able to read without getting distracted.
  • Prepare yourself for test days so you don’t start rushing during the actual test day.
  • Recognize your dominant learning style and under this, you need to evaluate, examine your habits and use natural tenders to tap into your strengths.
  • Take fabulous notes, such as coding your notes and learning to recognize key words.
  • Conquer procrastination; in the sense that you continue to uplift events, activities, tasks given to you etc. You also need to know how to manage your time wisely and not waste your time because time waits for nobody.
  • Take care of yourself. Eat healthy and get sufficient sleep. You need to know how to take care of your body, your mind and so much more.

These are the points Mrs. Akinleye gave to us to be able to excel, and after that, we could now know what to do because we gained a lot from the inspirational talk she gave to us, and we wish that she could continue to inspire us more often so we can know how to excel and make our parents proud.

Thank you.                               

Gbolahan Bakare.



The CIS boarding house is a safe environment, where everyone takes both our health and our safety very seriously. For this article I will be writing about How to Use a Fire Extinguisher as I was taught this recently. There is a correct procedure that has been taught us on how to use a fire extinguisher and I will be sharing it with you.

On Monday, 20th March, 2017, The Health and Safety Officer from school (Mr. Kareem) gave us some guidelines on how to use the fire extinguisher. The acronym for this procedure is called PASS.
PASS is a very efficient procedure which helps in extinguishing fires. The first letter stands for Pull which means that you should pull the pin on the extinguisher so it will be able to work. The second letter stands for Aim, which means that you aim the extinguisher at the bottom of the fire so it can be extinguished. The third letter stands for Squeeze, which means that you should squeeze the handle of the extinguisher so the gas in the extinguisher can come out. The last letter stands for Sweep, which means to move the tube from side to side to make sure that the fire is properly extinguished.

The fire cycle.
The Health and Safety Officer asked all asthmatic student and staff to move away from the spot where the activity will take place; to a safe place. For a fire to start there has to be oxygen, carbon dioxide, and heat. The fire cannot start without the presence of the above substances. This is why you need to have a safety blanket in the kitchen while you cook, just in case you need to stop the fire, the blanket will stop the air from going towards the fire, and the fire will extinguish itself as it won’t last without air.

Samuel demonstrated how a fire can be put out.

Fadillah Olagunju.



On Saturday 25th of March 28, 2017, I along with the other Boarders went for a charity visit to the Peculiar Saint Orphanage. When we arrived, we saw children who were less privileged than ourselves and did not have parents. This experience was important as we could see that we shouldn’t take what we have for granted. The orphanage takes in children who have disabilities and a special teacher comes in on a weekly basis to help them improve in their mobility and any problems they have. We were told by the social worker that there has been great improvement made by all these students.

This orphanage takes in the abandoned children and those who are seen by some as the outcasts of society but by the orphanage, they are seen as the future.

During the visit, we played games, talked and connected with the orphans. Some of these children attend school also. We played basketball and football in their play area. We also found out their names, ages and other information. The trip was important to me, I have decided not to take things for granted and to show my parents love. The orphanage had different sections which were the place for people with disabilities, the nursery area and there was the game area.

Kosi Oguine.

The other side of life.

One of our planned activities for this Term was the orphanage visit. We went to the Peculiar Saint Orphanage.
I felt inspired because they are not privileged like some of us are. The orphanage houses different types of children, some children with different disabilities and these children are unable to do what we can do. That was heartbreaking for me. I encourage everyone to visit orphanages regularly because you would understand why you need to be grateful to your parents and all of those that care for you.  I have decided to give back to society by visiting orphanages more regularly. Imagine if your parents had abandoned you immediately after birth what would you have done then? If you were not found and picked up what do you think would have happened to you? I want you ponder on these questions.

Joshua Olisaemeka.


On Saturday 25th of March, 2017 the CIS boarding students went on an educational/charity trip to an orphanage. Firstly, when we entered we met the owner and founder of the orphanage, so we introduced ourselves to her and then she took us to the first room of the orphanage.
In the first room were children that had some physical disorders and disabilities in their walking or talking.  After that we went to the second room upstairs that had the toddlers and the younger children. When we arrived at their flat they were watching a movie called The Lion King, so they asked us our names and we had an informal introduction and then we took them to their playground where we got to know each other better.
At the orphanage I noticed a set of triplets. Could it be that these three children were found on the same day?
Finally, we played football & basketball with the orphans and we all enjoyed ourselves. We bid them goodbye when we were about to leave.  We went outside and we took a picture where the LOGO of the orphanage was and we entered our bus and drove off.

Ainsley Nicks.