Catherine Bickersteth

Mrs. Catherine Bickersteth is co-Director of  Strategic Educational Advisory Services Ltd.

SEAS successfully holistically prepares, places  and  supports students (from cradle to career) in  top institutions in Nigeria, UK and USA. SEAS  also supports schools in the holistic delivery of  education.

Mrs. Bickersteth holds a B.Sc. in Economics; an  MSc. in Management Science and is a British Council certified Education Consultant.  She also has a PGD in Teaching English as a Foreign Language as well as various other certificates.  Among other education-focused initiatives. Mrs. Bickersteth participated in the Learning Journey to Finland; Harvard Think Tank on 21stCentury Education and regularly attends the World Economic Forum. She is an Affiliate Member of the Association of Private Educators of Nigeria.

As an ex-Citibanker, British Aid Project Manager as well as mother, Mrs Bickersteth has a broad perspective on education and its application in careers and social impact.

Passionate about uplifting the less privileged, Mrs. Bickersteth is Chair of Development Africa (formerly FamilyCare Nigeria); a trustee of Hope4Girls; CSR Secretary of Cycology Riding Club.

Mrs. Bickersteth is married and has two daughters who attended Junior Kings School Canterbury/Wycombe Abbey/LSE/Oxford/ESADE.