CIS Green Team

Environmental sustainability is important to have a healthy ecosystem, survival of humans and other organisms. This can be achieved by decreasing the negative impact of humans on the environment by using environmentally friendly product and reducing waste.

In support of the international eco-friendly campaign, CIS has launched an environmental programme that will not only encourage a clean and greener school environment but also promote the consciousness of an eco-friendly environment within the school community and the world at large.

CIS is in collaboration with the Greenwill Initiative and Espy Resource Management Limited – Thermal. The Greenwill Initiative is spearheaded by European Chamber to help organisations establish simple steps that can lead to ‘better health and increased productivity’. CIS has taken a leaf from the Greenwill Initiative as we are a registered member of the group. Thermal, on the other hand is dedicated to improving general waste management in Nigeria by recycling waste and decreasing environmental hazards. Together, we strive to make CIS more Eco- friendly by providing the basic incentives and simple policy that can be easily followed by all.

The CIS Green Team consists of committed students and teachers who are zealous about bringing to light the aims and goals of the Eco- friendly initiative. The Green Team is concerned about reducing, recycling and reusing, as well as, conversation of energy. Some of the steps taken by the CIS Green team are turning off electrical appliances when they are not in use, recycling papers and plastics used in the classrooms, and encouraging healthy living by improving the quality of food in the school cafeteria. We also set aside a ‘no fizzy drink day’ which we call Water Wednesday.

 CIS is the first school in West Africa to encourage this policy, and we are dedicated to honing the CIS Green Policy.