Clean Up Friday

On Friday, the 8th of April, it was Clean Up Friday and it was Year 3’s turn to pick up the trash around the floor.At 11:45, Year 3 started lining up, and the Green Team members split us into two groups. The first group, Year 3A and B, went to the playground with some of the Green Team members while the rest of the members stayed with Year 3C and 3D on the field.The Green Team members told us to split into groups of boys and girls to clean up. They also told us not to pick the rocks or the grass. When our time was up, we put all of the trash into the recycling bins provided for us and went to sanitize our hands.We went back to our class quietly. Some of the children in my class thought that Clean Up Friday was fun, most importantly, it’s to help make the school a better place.

Molayo, 3B

CIS Green Team kicked-off Clean Up Friday a month ago. The first year group was Year 4, and they were actively picking up the trash in school. The same can be said for Year 2. Most of the trash was gone before the end of the exercise. Some of them even picked up the grass! Year 3 was the next group. They collaborated in groups and picked up lots of trash. In all, I really enjoyed supervising the clean-up.

Mandy Ejaife, 4B
Green Team Member.

In my opionon Clean up Friday is one of the most important days in the week. It gives everyone a chance to appreciate the cleaners who help clean everything up. It also teaches that no one likes a dirty place so, it kick-starts a consciousness to keep things clean not only at school, but at home.I know for a fact that the Green Team is committed to help all the students and teachers know and be aware that CIS is a no litter school, and we will always keep it clean.

Eduvie Oseragbaje, 6C
Member of CIS Green Team