Student Laptop Order Form


Laptop Purchasing Options

Please note that you are under no obligation to purchase through CIS and that you are free to purchase the laptop yourself.

If you decide to buy a laptop it is absolutely essential that it meets the minimum requirements outlined below. The school’s IT infrastructure does not support Macbooks or Chromebooks.

Minimum System Requirements for Windows Computers

We have selected the Windows systems based on the following requirements:
        1. Operating System must be Windows 10 Professional Not EM/SL or Home
        2. Must have a minimum of 4 GB Memory
        3. Must have a minimum of 500GB Storage
        4. The processor should not be Intel Celeron or American Micro Device (AMD). It can be any other type of Intel processor

Benefits of Purchasing Through CIS

The benefits of purchasing through CIS are listed as follows:

   ● CIS will provide support and replacement of parts – Purchasing through CIS will enable you to leverage on the strong relationships we have forged with HP service centers. Please note that Warranty covers only factory defects; physical damage is not covered.
   ● CIS will assist with the management of support care packs and extended warranties where applicable
   ● Enhanced content filtering and security for CIS purchased laptops beyond the school network. Security policies applied on school computers will also apply to your child’s computer even at home.
   ● Standard Warranty by virtue of purchasing through recognized HP Channel Partners and distributors.
The above cannot apply if you choose to purchase independently of CIS. If you choose to purchase independently, the system would have to be reconfigured to gain access to the school network. Please note that the reconfiguration may lead to some restrictions on the use of the system at home.

Configuration of laptop available for sale in school.

NOTEBOOK. HP 14 INTEL CORE I3 8GB/1TB /14.0  HD Graphics Win 10 Pro

Manufacturing warranty: one year

+HP Carry Case

Kindly fill out the form below to make your reservation :