Back to School

Dear Parents,

 Welcome back to school to what we hope will be a successful third term.I hope you all managed to get some rest over the recent holiday and if you travelled, I hope you had an enjoyable time.  It was very pleasing and satisfying to see so many students in school very early this morning and thank you to those of you who followed school policy, if you have unavoidably been unable to return on time for the start of term today.
This promises to be a very exciting term, filled with many activities and events. There will be, no doubt, a considerable amount of communication from school to you shortly; we always try not to ‘swamp’ you with emails but sometimes this is unavoidable – so please bear with us.  However, there are a few highlights I wish to draw your attention to in this email.
  • Please keep checking the school website calendar for events and dates that we have already fixed, including the term dates for next academic year 2016/17.
  • Please keep checking your child’s diary or communication book for messages from class, form or subject teacher.
  • Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6) parents will be receiving an email soon from my Assistant Headteachers of the Senior School – Mrs Anozia and Mr. Chidi. This will be referring to an opportunity to come and find out more about CIS Senior School.
  • Parents of students in Years 10 & 11 will soon be receiving information from me regarding a meeting for support and guidance when applying to UK schools for further education after finishing CIS.
  • Extra curricular activities (Clubs) information will be emailed to you this Wednesday the 6th April, with sign up days being Thursday and Friday the 7th & 8th April.
  • Our Year 11 students will be sitting the I/GCSE examinations this term; I am sure you do not mind me, on your behalf, wishing them the very best of luck during this period of time.
As much as the demands of the present will be keeping us occupied, we also have to keep looking forward to the future.  No doubt you have seen the banners at school regarding boarding school (which begins next academic year) and you may have even seen the advertisement in Saturday’s Punch Newspaper.  If you have any friends or extended family members looking for boarding school, please guide them to our Registrar and Admissions Office.  Similarly, if you know of anyone looking for a school for their children, even though we are getting close to being full, it would be appreciated if you could encourage them to consider CIS.
I am looking forward to seeing you all at the many events taking place this term, where we can join in celebrating CIS students’ successes and outstanding performances.
My best wishes to you all,
Mr. Mark
Head of School.