School Principal’s Message

CIS Principal’s Statement

 Success is a mindset, a state of being – you either want it or you don’t, and it was this mindset that set CIS apart from all the other schools I visited in the last year.

I have been to or worked with 41 different schools in 9 different countries, and the synergy, or friendly energy between children, parents and teachers was more palpable when I first visitied CIS in May 2018 than anywhere else I’d seen, which intensified my desire to secure the role of principal and return to work here.

I’ve not been disappointed. CIS is my family and we are all committed to the cause – CIS staff bleed CIS blood as we feel that strongly about what we do. We move with one mindset, one objective and one focus, and that is to improve the standards of the children we teach. If it doesn’t improve standards or wellbeing, and we have no way of measuring that improvement, we don’t do it – it’s that simple.

The buy-in from our staff, parents and children to our philosophy of performance has been there for all to see. Everyone understands the drive to improve, and what we have to do to comply with the 103 standards of registration for a British independent school. We have set the bar very high for ourselves and while we might not get there at the first attempt, it won’t be for lack of effort as we are all deeply focused on surpassing sector-leading standards in our industry and blazing a trail for others to follow.

We have some clear works, most notably with improving standards in specific areas where we have to re-shape the curriculum and change our teaching approach. However, the improvements made so far, and the ability of people to work as teams within teams to achieve departmental and whole-school goals is exceptional.

I have no doubt that the force that comes from the momentum teams generate is an irresistible one which will take us to new heights.

Thank you for joining me on this journey to excellence


Dr Adam England