Sport Retreat and Leadership Training

It was indeed a very busy weekend as some of our sports athletes from the senior school were at the La Campagne Tropicanna Beach resort for a Sports Retreat and Training on Leadership in Sports organised by the Physical Education department.

The programme started with a presentation on Leadership in Sports after which the athletes were divided into four watches. The leaders of the watches were given the responsibilities of promoting team work among their members and ensuring that the strengths and weaknesses of the groups were managed.

The day started with aerobics and road works after which competitions were organized in: Shooting in Basketball, Beach volleyball, Badminton, Water volleyball and Obstacle courses. Students also had opportunities in horse riding, boat kayaking and football.

At the end of the retreat, the students gave feedback on the programme and all they were able to learn from their teams.

Attached are pictures from the retreat.


Coach Payne
PE Department