Dudun Peterside

Dudun Peterside is a Psychologist and an  Executive Coach who also works as a Human  Development Adviser and Consultant Trainer.

 She is a Managing Partner at Narita Learning  Centre, where she brings to bear her 31 years of  experience in psychology, and provides specialist services through her advanced training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Narita Learning Centre offers business leadership development through consulting services, training courses, personality profiling and executive coaching. As change consultants, the firm works effectively alongside organizations, teams and individuals to bring about their desired and targeted changes.

Dudun has 12 years of experience in executive coaching and has coached private and corporate personnel, including company directors and senior management. Her clients include multinational and local organizations such as Diageo, Shell, Airtel and MTN. Her coaching methods are transformative, in that they are highly solution-focused and generative. She particularly helps her clients to find innovative strategic approaches to their goals and challenges, thereby ensuring their actions are more purposeful and sustainable.

Dudun holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology & Education and a Masters degree in Educational Administration. She is a certified Trainer, Coach and Master Practitioner of NLP, and is also licensed to train coaches. She is a certified provider of The Listening Programme – Advanced Brain Technologies and is also a certified consultant facilitator of The Achievement Profile.

Dudun is passionate about philanthropy, and is the Founder of the Love Foundation, a charitable organization committed to uplifting people with special needs through music and the performing arts. In 1998 she co-founded Lifestream, a non-profit organisation that sponsored overseas surgical operations for young children with complex heart problems for 10 years, through the ‘Save a Child’s Heart’ project.

Dudun is also on the Advisory Board of Children’s International School, and is a Trustee of ANAP Foundation, as well as a Co-Founder of ANAP Equestrian Centre. She is an avid squash player, runner and horse rider, and played polo for many years. She is married with three children.