Plot 8, Funke Zainab Usman Street, Off Freedom Way, End of Admiralty Road, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos




Plot 8 Funke Zainab Usman Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

07:30 - 16:00

Monday to Friday




Plot 8 Funke Zainab Usman Lekki Phase 1,


07:30 - 16:00

Monday to Friday


The Home on Campus

CIS offers a boarding experience like no other. This pristine boarding facility located within the school’s campus is built to provide the comfort, independence and serenity necessary to cultivate good values.

This is an environment where students eat, sleep, work and live; where their most enduring relationships with their peers and members of the boarding staff are developed; a secure stable base within the busy life of a boarding school.

This is an inclusive lifestyle, where students are seamlessly involved in communal activities such as sporting competitions, drama productions, fundraising events, leadership programmes and community programmes.

A boarding school run by house parents, where, under their care, students will be encouraged to develop academically, socially, artistically, musically and in all aspects of the extracurricular and holistic life.

CIS boarding provides more personal living space than any other boarding school in Nigeria. All our boarding students are housed in single or double rooms with en-suite facilities.

Students have access to the school’s secure IT network, so Boarders can use our safe and monitored internet connections to keep in touch with family and friends back home. The school also has WI-FI coverage in key locations around the campus.

Students also have access to the various sporting facilities on campus, such as the football field, tennis courts, basketball court, swimming pool, etc.

Full and weekly boarding options for our students are available.

A wide range of activities on offer, including weekend excursions and educational visits, all of which provide ample opportunities for Boarders to develop further their musical, artistic, drama and sporting pursuits and interests.

This is an opportunity for students to further develop their soft skills such as leadership, empathy, teamwork, self-regulation, etc.

It is a true experience of ‘home away from home’ both in terms of comfort and academic rigour.


Boarders’ Diary

Below are boarders’ reflections of the CIS boarding house experience. See pictures after the reflections.


My CIS Boarding life:

From the title of this article, you may have registered the fact that I am a boarding student of CIS. Honestly speaking, in my opinion, CIS has had the largest positive impact on me out of all the boarding schools I have been to. CIS aids in bringing out the true colours of a student in relation to their social life. I, personally, have enjoyed my eight months in this school, as it has helped me realise that I truly am, how to present myself in front of others and how to portray several leadership skills. Leadership skills are the main focus of what this school has taught me, and considering the fact that I am a year 10 student here, leadership has always been a problem of mine during my childhood years, and coming to this school, has helped me overcome my fears of lack of confidence, and build up the courage of being able to talk in front of a crowd.

As boarding students; we have had several opportunities of visiting places and coming back with a grin on our faces and continuously talking among each other about the events that took place. I have really enjoyed my stay here, as a CIS boarder, and for anyone willing to join us here, it would be a pleasure of mine, to say with such confidence, that they won’t regret it. Though, we all get reprimanded for any wrongdoings, and no one is picked upon- not by the members of staff, neither by the students. Every student is able to complete work and, in the same way, manage their social life pretty well.

Normally I would find it very hard to talk to my house parents about personal things, however, in this case, I find it quite easy to talk to them and asking their opinions on matters regarding myself. Considering the fact that they quite frankly are our parents in the boarding house, we find it quite easy to relate to them as if they really were our parents, and take care of us as though we were their children.

When I was asked to write this article by the Head of Boarding, I was quite excited to do so, due to the fact that most people view the boarding house as a boring place in which fun activities are not common, however it’s the total opposite, and that’s what I wanted to bring peoples’ attention to. The boarding house is an enlightened environment, in which students are able to make friends easier and get their work done with no trouble. This, to me, is the best part of being a boarding student and I hope that I have been able to help you picture what a boarding house in CIS would look and feel like.

Yours sincerely,



Life in the Boarding House:

Life in the boarding house has had a successful impact on my life, it has taught me that you need to work hard and persevere in order to actually achieve all that you want to be and I have understood the meaning of striving to achieve my goals.

We have had many motivational speeches throughout the year that influenced all of us in such good ways. We have both a social and private environment as in each apartment we have about five people.

We had an Etiquette professional come and she taught us a lot on manners, how you should eat, getting in and out of cars, your posture, and setting tables. We also had a cooking competition and we all had to eat whatever we made.

We have also been well taken care of concerning the pastoral aspect of things. The food is excellent in the boarding house, as our cook Mrs Debby and her assistant, Miss Elizabeth make delicious food.

The boarding house has taught me so much and I hope we will continue to share our knowledge with new boarders.

By: Husna.


Life in the CIS Boarding House:

Life in the boarding house is quite nice compared to the other boarding houses I have gone to. The boarding house has caring and nice house parents who are always there to help out whenever we need. The accommodation in the boarding is top quality and compared to other boarding houses I have seen, this one is deluxe. Besides great staff and great living spaces, the boarding house also serves quite amazing food. The food is prepared by two wonderful chefs who put a lot of time and effort into making sure that all in the boarding house are all very well fed. The Head of Boarding treats us to many different events each weekend, from going on charity visits to going head-to-head in a cooking showdown. There is never a moment of boredom in CIS boarding school.

By: Adegboyega.


Life as a Boarding Student:

My name is Agbolahan and I am going to talk about life as a boarding student. In the boarding house, the staff and students are filled with love, joy and understanding. The boarding house consist of Head of Boarding, Boys house parent, Girls house parent, 2 Kitchen staff, cleaning staff and the security staff.

I joined CIS boarding school in August 2016 and so far so good, it had been a tremendously nice experience. I made friends with the following students Kanayo, Sadiq, Abdul, Ahmad, Ade, Ainsley, Samuel, Francine, Kosi and Joshua.

Ever since I joined CIS boarding, I noticed a change in the way I address people and also the improvement in my academics. When I first joined the hostel, I was still trying to adapt to the environment so therefore, I was easily distracted by so many things but recently, the boarding staff have successfully made sure that I am more focused than I used to be.

When something goes wrong in the hostel such as intense arguments, the CIS boarding staff try their very best to resolve the issue, and the people in the situation would understand where they went wrong and try to mend ways.

The boarding house has good facilities, you would feel as comfortable and cozy as possible. There are immediate repairs of damaged things in the hostel and also things like unlimited internet access, 24 hours of power supply, good food supplies and the most important thing of all, good hospitality. I would never want to leave CIS boarding house because of the journey I’ve been through, and even when I leave, I would try my best to revisit again and I hope that other people would join CIS boarding.

By: Agbolahan.           


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