Join Our Team of Education Trailblazers!

If you are genuinely passionate and ready to inspire the next generation of leaders, thinkers
and innovators.…then we want you to be a part of our dynamic, forward-thinking
community. Our community thrives on creativity, collaboration and making a difference –
CIS is just the best place for YOU!

Who We Are:
At Children’s International School, we are not just shaping minds; we are shaping the
future. Our vision is to nurture and empower every learner (including you!) to become a
transformative global citizen. We believe in the transformative power of education and the
incredible impact passionate teachers can have on young minds.

Why Join Us:
An “ENPIRE”: Join a team of dedicated educators whose ethos are based on our ENPIRE!
Want to know more? For us it’s excellence or nothing, not perfection but excellence. We
are a nurturing community whose being is firmly grounded on passion, integrity,
respect and empathy. We care relentlessly for one another and believe in the power of
teamwork to achieve extraordinary results.

Innovative Curriculum: Be at the forefront of education with our cutting-edge National
Curriculum of England that encourages critical thinking, creativity and real-world problem

Room for Growth: We are committed to your professional development and provide vast
opportunities for training and development.

Creative Freedom: Embrace your teaching creativity! We encourage out-of-the-box
thinking, innovative lesson plans, and a classroom environment that fosters curiosity and

Making an Impact: Be part of something bigger than yourself – inspire the future leaders,
artists, scientists, and dreamers who will shape our world.

Vacant Positions:
Due to our growth and expansion, we are currently seeking passionate educators to join our team in the following roles:
 Primary School Class Teachers
 Secondary School Teachers 
 A Level Teachers
 IGCSE Music Teacher
 IGCSE MFL Teacher
 Teaching Assistants
 Sports Director
 Executive Assistant
 Admin Officers / Executives
 PE and Swimming Teachers/Coaches
 IT Specialists
 Send your CVs for other roles that are not listed above.

What we are looking for:
 A relentless passion for teaching and a commitment to student success.
 Creative, enthusiastic and innovative educators who can inspire a love for learning.
 Strong communication and collaboration skills.
 Dedication to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and equitable classroom environment.
 Education degree is required for all while TRCN certification is mandatory for
Nigerian nationals.

How to Apply:
Ready to embark on this exciting journey with us? To apply, please submit the following:
 Your resume highlighting your educational background and experience.
 A cover letter explaining what makes you a passionate teacher and why you want to
join our team.
 Any other relevant materials or portfolios that highlight your professional prowess.
 Complete the application form or send your CV to 

Do not miss the opportunity to make a lasting impact and inspire the future! Join our team
of passionate educators at CIS. Together, we will ignite the spark of knowledge and help
one another and our students to shine brightly.