The inclusion of Extra-Curricular Activities, or ECAs, in our provision is aimed at developing well-rounded students who are life-long learners. Through these activities, our children thrive as they develop their knowledge and skills beyond the classroom.

Each Term, there is a wide range of activities that learners can choose from and we constantly adapt to the interests of our students. These activities are categorised into two: Teacher-Led Clubs and Externally Led Clubs. Teacher led clubs are facilitated by the teaching staff. These range from writing skills, to Swimming, Football, French, Coding, Creative Dance, Craft and many more. Externally led clubs are taken by specialist coaches from outside school who work closely with CIS. These ECAs include Ballet, Fencing, Gymnastics and Taekwondo to name a few.  

Our Extra-Curricular Activities are a very popular aspect of life at CIS Junior School and we would encourage all families to enrol their children into clubs to get the full CIS experience.

The teachers are friendly and kind.

Year 2 student