Our academic rigour ensures our students progress with ease from Key Stage 4 to their post-16 choice of study. Majority of our students go on to study A levels or IB in the UK; however, a significant number also choose to further their education in the USA or Canada.

With the support of our Careers counsellor, introductory advanced school level education advice commences right from Year 7, and in Year 9 students receive support for their option subjects. We offer advice to our students about their choices and their suitability for specific courses or career path. It is crucial that every student chooses the most appropriate subjects, given their abilities and interests, as well as their longer-term objectives.

In Year 10, students take part in our work experience programme to help them gain an insight to their desired world of work during the summer term. When students take part in such activities, they have a chance to interact with professionals in their chosen field, affording them with the opportunity to discover the impact their own decisions can have. In Year 11, students receive formal advice about their school choices, with many more choosing to continue their study at Chadsworth Sixth Form College, our post-16 provision.

Our Careers department is dedicated to supporting our students and their parents throughout this journey. The department also strongly develops our students' gifts and talents for each post-16 school they apply to.

Again let me say a HUGE THANK YOU to this amazing team for all you do.

Truly I say to anyone that asks that you are a perfect team for me.

KS3 Parent