Thank you for your interest in Children’s International School.  I have been fortunate that my career, both within the UK and further afield, has afforded me the opportunity to work within a number of internationally renowned schools. I therefore can say with confidence CIS is a very special school whose students receive a breadth and quality of education that ensures that they
are imbued with the academic understanding, independence of thought, confidence and sense of social responsibility that will allow them to flourish together with their global peers in any ever more rapidly changing and challenging world.

When first visiting CIS, you will immediately recognise that we sit in a spacious and extremely well resourced and modern campus.  Whether your child is joining our Junior, Senior or Sixth Form sections they will be welcomed into a school designed from the outset to allow every pupil, whatever their talents, to flourish.

We are rightly recognised as a school where every pupil has the opportunity to maximise their academic potential.  Whether this be in the formative years within the Junior School where the foundation blocks for future success are laid, or in Secondary where our outstanding results have enabled alumni of CIS to progress to some of the most highly regarded international Sixth Forms and Universities in the world.  This is achieved by setting high expectations of all our pupils and by creating stimulating classrooms in which to learn.  Our staff are dedicated, caring and talented teachers who are committed to bespoke provision which ensures that each child
makes sustained progress throughout their time with us.

Of course, at CIS we understand that education must extend well beyond the traditional confines the of the classroom.  The holistic education of every child is interwoven into each experience that they have.  The soft skills of resilience, leadership, and teamwork as well as social and moral responsibility are developed from an early age as these are core attributes in the development of happy and high achieving children. As they grow older this means that not only will their academic achievement open new doors of opportunity but that they will be equipped with the skills necessary to flourish within their new environments.

CIS has a vibrant extra-curricular life which is broad in its scope to ensure that each pupil can explore their talents and interest and rigorous in its provision so that pupils may take full advantage of the talents they have. Whether on stage, the playing field or classroom
opportunities abound for pupils to expand their horizons at CIS.

We are a school for both day and boarding pupils. Boarders benefit from living in a newly built boarding house that truly delivers on our aim to provide a “home from home”.  It is a secure, comfortable, and nurturing environment in which pupils learn, relax, and make lifelong friends. If you are yet to consider boarding for your child, please do contact us to find out more about
boarding life at CIS.

The decision to invest in the education of a child is one of the most significant that any family will make and, understandably, this requires time and careful consideration. I am confident that the information contained within this website will prove useful to you.  However, to truly appreciate what CIS has to offer your children I would encourage all parents who are able to visit us in person.  I look forward to meeting you then.  In the meantime, I hope that you will not hesitate to contact myself or my team to find out more about life at CIS.