Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is a priority in all that we do at CIS. We believe every member of staff plays a key role in the care and wellbeing of our students. This enables children to learn based on strong foundations. Our Pastoral Support Team includes the Head of Junior School, the Designated Safeguarding Leads who are the Assistant Head Teachers, our School Counsellor and the Key Stage Coordinators.

We aim to maintain an environment in which students feel safe, happy, confident, and fulfilled. By creating a culture of kindness, we maintain an environment that allows all children to thrive. We work with a range of stakeholders including parents, support staff and outreach agencies to ensure the progress of individual pupils, because pastoral care and academic success are interwoven.

It is essential that we ensure the welfare and safeguarding of every child entrusted into our care. Our well-trained and experienced staff motivate, build confidence and raise the self-esteem of students. Each child has a dedicated class teacher and teaching assistant who are
there to offer support and guidance on a daily basis. As another layer of support, we also enable students to access our dedicated School Counsellor.

At CIS, we aim to support and work alongside parents to create effective home and school partnerships as we welcome them into the CIS family. A happy and well-adjusted child is ready to achieve success.

Parents or carers who may have any pastoral concern can email or any members of the Pastoral Care Team.

I feel safe at CIS.

Year 3 student